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I'm Simon.  A little about me...

My Story

Hi everyone.


I have been lucky enough to build a career and life doing something I love.  


When people ask me why I love photography...particularly landscape and fine art?

I sometimes struggle to pinpoint the reason...There is so much I like about it!  

Really I think It is my peace!  My mind's window to the beautiful things that surround me.  A reason to explore!

As you share my images I hope that you enjoy them, and the emotion that was there when they were captured. 


I have been working with art and photography for most of my life. 

I started as a hobbyist, my first “Real Camera” being a Praktica MTL3.

I loved it, though in those days film and developing were expensive.

I have used a few different makes over the years including Canon, and Olympus but finally settled with Nikon, the D300 being particularly good. I Now feel privileged to own the D850. 


I went on to study photography at West Kent College of art and passed with Honours. 


Now I live in the South West of England Surrounded by amazing countryside and beautiful beaches. All in all a photographers dream.

Photo of Simon Embling. Simon Embling Fine Art Photo Print, Dorset Beach


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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