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Storms and surf at Kimmeridge Bay Dorset?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

I don't think so....What we had was a beautiful calm day on the #Dorset #coast at Kimmeridge with a few showers and a flat sea.

The drive down to #Kimmeridge Bay, #Dorset was promising with a lowering sky and looked good for the anticipated thunder storms.

I stopped at a view point at #Ridgeway hill after passing through #Wareham. The views from the Ridgeway path were stunning looking out over the misty valley.

#Ridgeway hill. Landscape taken from Ridgeway hill footpath looking over the valley on the way to #Kimmeridge bay, Dorset.
Beautiful misty landscape of the valley from The Ridgeway.

On arriving at #Kimmeridge, I found it virtually deserted. It was warm and humid with that calm before the storm feel about it.

The information point in the carpark was near the path.

The information point at #kimmeridgebay, is next to the path and stairs that go down to the #beach
Kimmeridge Bay information point

I walked down the steps to the beach which could be difficult for some people and started to work. The Nikon D850 paired with a Tokina 16-28 is a fantastic combination for landscape (and astro photography) so I am told but I haven't tried that yet.

The #Jurrassiccoast lives up to its name and ammonite fossils could be seen in some of the rocks.

access to the Kimmeridge  beach is via steps cut into the cliff.
The Stairs back up to the carpark at Kimmeridge bay, Dorset.

There are lots of photo opportunities there so after about an hour on that side of the bay I decided to head back up and drive to the other side of the bay near the slipway.

I was chatting to some people from Edge Progressive Paddling Kayak club as they were getting ready to enter the water. A really nice group of people so anyone interested here's the link to their website. They kindly allowed some Photos to be taken and used.

Edge Progressive Paddling Club visiting Kimmeridge.
Edge Progressive Paddling Club.

Some members of the edge Progressive paddling club setting off from the slipway at #Kimmeridge bay, #Dorset.
Edge Progressive Paddling club at Kimmeridge Dorset.

A view of the flat calm sea looking toward the Clavell Tower at #Kimmeridgebay, #Dorset.
View along the beach to the #ClavellTower at Kimmeridge.

Finally back on the cliff top, enjoying a coffee and feeling that warm sea breeze around me made me very grateful and realise that working as a landscape photographer is a blessing.

Panoramic #fineart photo of #Kimmeridgebay on the #Jurassiccoast, #Dorset
Kimmeridge Bay Panorama.

I can't wait for the next trip!! I wonder where that will take me?

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