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A walk in the dark for photography at Horton Tower, Dorset.

Red light bathing Horton Tower in Dorset about 30 minutes before sunrise.
Horton Tower, Dorset

Going out to the car at 2.30am seems madness to some, but I know a walk in the dark for some photography at Horton Tower, Dorset will be worth it.

landscape photographers everywhere will understand why.

The air was very warm and very humid which is unusual with a clear sky and especially in England.

Horton Tower, Dorset, is a brick folly built in 1726 by Humphrey Sturt.

The tower is 140 feet tall and is a grade two listed building.

I parked at the end of Batchelors Lane and the post code for this is BH21 7EP if any one else would like to go and shoot it.

You can reach the tower by walking down the lane for about 15 minutes to the very end where you will find a stile that takes you into the field where the tower sits in all its glory looking like a gothic structure that you expect to see a dragon curled around the base of.

It was full of sheep and no dragons when I went so mind where you walk.

I arrived about an hour before sunrise (Flashlight essential) and on the walk to the tower there was a lot of wildlife about including Tawny Owls, Foxes and Fallow deer.

Once in the field its a walk over the grass up a gentle slope to the tower itself.

Rain was forecast for the morning so I was hoping for a good sky and wasn't disappointed, the cloud slowly building and the red light enhancing the colour of the brick tower beautifully.

A beautiful red sun rising across the valley from Horton Tower, Dorset.
Sunrise at Horton Tower, Dorset.

I stayed for for a couple of hours shooting from different angles, stopping to enjoy a coffee from the flask and breath in some of Dorset's most beautiful countryside. I think photography gives you time to be with nature and with yourself so on a morning of very rare tropical warmth and humidity what could be better than leaning back against this amazing building and watching the sun rise.

The camera and lenses used on the shoot were a Nikon D850 and a Nikon 24-120 and Tokina 16-28.

The selfie was taken with an iPhone 14 just before leaving.

you can see my portfolio here-

Hope you join me on the next one.

All my best,


A quick selfie just before leaving Hortons Tower.
On a mission. Me the camera and Horton Tower.

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